The complexity of disability and attendance management can sometimes be overwhelming. We know that disability and attendance management is more than just tracking absence or getting employees back to work – it’s about keeping employees healthy, and returning them to productive, sustainable work and life.

We also understand that the costs – both financial and human – of managing absence and disability are on the rise. The direct and indirect costs of absenteeism – whether the result of disability or unmanaged attendance – include missed targets, loss of productivity, low employee and manager morale and low employee/manager engagement.

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At Edifice Health and Disability Consulting, our services span the full spectrum of the health – attendance – disability cycle and we work with you to better understand the unique human and financial cost drivers in your organization. We will help you find opportunities to reduce these costs through:




Needs AnalysisDETAILED NEEDS ANALYSIS – we’ll start by meeting with you to understand what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, what drives your organization and what’s your desired state. We’ll help determine the return on investment and help make the business case for a solution best suited for your company.

Process MappingFACILITATED PROCESS MAPPING – we’ll facilitate a ‘roll up our sleeves’ mapping session with all key stakeholders to evaluate your current process, look for any inefficiencies with an eye towards improvement.

Program designPROGRAM DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION – we’ll help design your customized program with best practice solutions that minimize legal risk, engage employees and help reduce costs. Whether your program will be in house or through a third party, we will actively participate as your subject matter expert and project manage your implementation through targeted completion and beyond.

Workplace health WORKPLACE HEALTH AND DISABILITY CONSULTING  – we’ll be your partner in all things health, absence and disability related – whether it’s muddling through your latest disability report or being your partner at the table during your quarterly program review with your EFAP or disability claims management provider – we’ll ensure our expertise works as an extension of your team and helps manage the programs in line with your company goals.

Trend AnalysisDATA/TREND ANALYSIS – we’ll look at your data and all supporting reports and compile them into a story that reveals what absence is costing your company.


Claims auditingCLAIMS AUDITING – we’ll review disability claims to ensure your disability process is being applied consistently and accurately, and ensure your employees are receiving all available supports to get them back to safe and sustainable return to work.

TRAINING – we’ll ensure your managers, Human Resource partners, union representatives and employees have the tools and knowledge they need to manage through the pre-absence and absence process.

Call us today; take advantage of a one-hour free consultation.

When an employee is absent from the workplace due to illness/injury, he is often confused as to what to do next and what supports are available to remove medical and non-medical barriers.

For every employee who is absent from the workplace, there often is a manager who is wondering how to manage staff morale and meet the monthly productivity expectations.

For every employee absent from the workplace, there often is a co-worker who has had to manage the workload of the absent employee on top of his own heavy load and wonders exactly what is going on with the absent employee.

A challenging cycle has begun.

Our focus is on helping you understand the world of disability and attendance management – whether you manage your program in-house, through a third party provider or an insurance company.

If you are a small business just trying to establish a disability program, we can help you with the basics of understanding what you should have in place to start.

If you are a mid to large size business, we can help support through full consultative services or your occasional or urgent support needs.

Whether you need a fully outsourced disability Consulting support, or project based support during any time of the cycle to bridge a gap, we can assist.

By working closely with you, we aim to be more than a partner – we aim to be an extension of your team, helping you develop and grow your programs – every step of the way. Health, attendance and Disability consulting is not just a subsection of a larger service. It’s our main expertise.


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